Top flight nostalgia act? Disco diva? Sex symbol for past generations? Donna Summer was much more than that. Apart from being the most innovative and influential pop female stylist to have emerged in the 7Os, Donna was a complete, versatile and original artist, always capable of competing with new trend setters and being at the same time a sophisticated, traditional kind of vocalist. In her long and varied career Donna has worked with Giorgio Moroder, Pete Bellotte, John Barry, Quincy Jones, Michael Omartian, Richard Perry, Bruce Springsteen and Barbra Streisand, has sung tunes written by Jimmy Webb and Vangelis, has written or co-written most (the best?) of her enviable repertoire. Surprised?

Those who know her well wouldn't hesitate to include her music among the 10 things that make life worth living (did you get it, Woody?) but in spite all the things she accomplished throughout her amazing career, it still seems the public has not fully realized just how great her talents were. She may always be remembered as the Queen of disco but that title, however flattering, doesn't really do justice to her: her songs, even the most simple ones, have always mixed -boldly at times- various ingredients, while her outstanding interpretative skills have let her master virtually every field in today's popular music.

In her own way, and that means always in a pleasant and captivating way, Donna Summer has showed us that in music there ought to be no place for fences: by no coincidence she is the only singer to have won a Grammyaward in the Rhythm & Blues, Rock, Inspirational and Dance categories (the complete list of Donna's Grammy nominations is available in the Charts & More page).

Spearhead of that cultural movement that wasn't just celebrating hedonism and having fun, but also freedom, equality and dreams coming true for all, Donna Summer is the musical icon for all those who believe that modernity and beauty can - and should - coexist, passing through the door of the heart.


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  • Several remastered classic Donna Summer albums are available on iTunes. Titles of particular interest include I REMEMBER YESTERDAY, LIVE AND MORE and THE DANCE COLLECTION. I REMEMBER YESTERDAY contains an alternate version of CAN'T WE JUST SIT DOWN; LIVE AND MORE contains MACARTHUR PARK SUITE; THE DANCE COLLECTION contains BAD GIRLS and the full-length extended version of WITH YOUR LOVE (7:34). All these remasters are marked "(P) 2013" and have an excellent sound.
An exclusive interview with producer Bob Esty

  • Summer's voice is still a wondrous instrument, strong and vibrant and filled with emotion. (BOSTON HERALD, 2005) (Read more)
  • 1 (33) I Feel Love

    2 (4) Melody Of Love Is (Wanna Be Loved)

    3 (21) MacArthur Park

    4 (20) Sometimes Like Butterflies

    5 (16) Hot Stuff

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    Moby Feels Love
    i went to a fundraiser tonight.
    as sponsored by bette midler.
    and they had cheerleaders. which was fantastic.
    and then donna summer sang.
    oh my fucking goodness.
    donna summer?
    not to be too sycophantic or hyperbolic, but DONNA SUMMER?
    the indie rock hipsters can talk about the velvets and the stooges and the etceteras but none of them can touch donna summer with a ten foot pole.
    she is the most iconic singer and in many ways the most revolutionary artist of the last 30 years. bar none.
    listen to I FEEL LOVE and keep in mind that it was made 25 years ago and it was the first ever song made in that way (electronics and vocals and nothing else).
    as brian eno said: 'I FEEL LOVE is the most revolutionary song ever made and it will change music forever'.
    ok, i'm paraphrasing.
    but he said something to that effect.
    and i got to see donna summer sing tonight.
    and i'm still stunned.
    go and get donna summer's greatest hits and hopefully you will understand why she is so phenomenal and important.
    moby (30 October 2003)




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    (Prelude to love)
    Oh baby, it's been so long
    I've waited so long
    And now that I have you
    I want you to come
    Come, come, come into my arms
    Oh baby, I need you, I need you
    Come, come, come into my arms again

    Spirits move me
    Every time I'm near you
    Whirling like a cyclone in my mind
    Oh sweet Peter, angel of my lifetime
    Answer to all answers I can find

    Baby, I love you, come, come
    Come into my arms
    Let me know the wonder of all of you
    Baby, I want you now, now
    Now, and hold on fast
    Could this be the magic at last?

    Oh hold on to me
    Don't let go
    Come into my life
    Come on, I need you so, baby
    Don't let go, oh, baby
    Hold on, hold on

    Baby, take me high upon a hillside
    High up where the stallion meets the sun
    I could love you, build my world around you
    Never leave you till my life is done

    Baby, I love you, come, come
    Come into my arms
    Let me know the wonder of all of you
    And baby, I want you now, now
    Oh now, oh now, and hold on fast
    Could this be the magic at last?
    Baby, I want you, come, come
    Could this be the magic at last?

    Could it be magic?
    Come, come on, come on
    Come oh, oh come into my arms
    Oh, let me know the wonder
    Of all of you, all of you
    Baby, I want you now, now
    Oh now, oh now and hold on fast
    Oh could this be the magic at last?

    Come, come on, come on
    Come oh oh come into my arms
    Oh, let me know the wonder of all of you
    Baby, I want you now, now, oh now
    Oh now and hold on fast
    Oh, could this be the magic at last?


    (Tesoro, è passato tanto di quel tempo
    Aspetto da tanto tempo
    E ora che ti ho con me
    Voglio che vieni, vieni tra le mie braccia
    Amore, ho bisogno di te, ho bisogno di te
    Vieni, vieni di nuovo tra le mie braccia)

    Il desiderio prende il sopravvento
    Ogni volta che ti sono vicino
    Agitandosi come un ciclone nella mia mente
    Oh dolce Peter, angelo della mia vita
    Risposta a tutte le risposte che posso trovare
    Tesoro, ti amo, vieni
    Vieni tra le mie braccia
    Fammi scoprire le meraviglie di cui sei fatto
    Tesoro, ti voglio adesso
    Adesso, e non mollo
    Potrebbe essere magico finalmente?

    Tieniti stretto a me
    Non mollare
    Ho tanto bisogno di te, tesoro
    Non mollare

    Tesoro, portami su per la collina
    Su dove lo stallone incontra il sole
    Potrei amarti, costruire il mio mondo intorno a te
    E non lasciarti mai finchè avrò vita...
    Lyrics and translation requested by Corinna E.


     COULD IT BE MAGIC available on iTunes


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