Mistaken Identity




(Crimson/DMG, 2014 - Originally released in 1991)



(Donna Summer, Keith Diamond, Paul Chiten, Anthony Smith, Larry Henley)



(Donna Summer, Keith Diamond, Eve Nelson, Anthony Smith, Larry Henley)



(Donna Summer, Keith Diamond, Eve Nelson, Anthony Smith, Larry Henley)



(Donna Summer, Keith Diamond, Eve Nelson, Anthony Smith, Larry Henley)



(Keith Diamond, Anthony Smith, Larry Henley)



(Betsy Cook, Bruce Woolley)



(Donna Summer, Keith Diamond, Anthony Smith, Vanessa Smith)



(Donna Summer, Keith Diamond, Anthony Smith, Donna Wyant)



(Donna Summer, Keith Diamond, Anthony Smith, Donna Wyant)



(Donna Summer, Keith Diamond, Anthony Smith, Donna Wyant)



(Donna Summer, Keith Diamond, Vince Lawrence, Anthony Smith, Donna Wyant)



(Donna Summer, Keith Diamond)






On the album



On MISTAKEN IDENTITY I've tried to make sure there is something for the dance and high energy crowd, something for pop and rock music fans, something for urban/R&B listeners - a little something for everybody. I feel that this album best represents, because I've always liked exploring many different types of music. I don't want to be one-sided, and this is the musical statement I needed to make (Donna Summer, 1991).





Donna & Keith Diamond



With her cunning ear for great producers, Donna's choice of Keith Diamond as producer/arranger for MISTAKEN IDENTITY was an inspired one. As his work with Billy Ocean, Mick Jagger and Michael Bolton has demonstrated, Diamond is one of those rare producers whose writing, arranging, and performing chops are as strong as his ability to oversee where a recording should be heading (Original press release, 1991).

"Donna! Donna! Donna! What can I say! I could tell the world about your big heart and giving spirit... I could let them know about your constant creative energy (your brain never rests!)... I could even talk about your amazing sense of humor (we had so many precious moments)... Your artistry, your writing (we've got a movie to do... Don't we?)... I could go on and on but I really want the world to hear another incredible side to this unbeliavable voice. I didn't think I could meet someone who's so much like me - it's scary! We're definitely from the same cut. Our friendship is 4 ever" (Keith Diamond, 1991).






Incredible experience



Though MISTAKEN IDENTITY wasn't a commercial success, it remains an incredible listening experience because Donna Summer is in peak vocal form, and the material lets her show her versatility in a really cool way. Donna's powerful voice shines on each song, ranging from soul/R&B to house, ballads, nu-disco and echoes of Prince (BODY TALK), Michael Jackson (the title track) and Soul II Soul. Highlights include: GET ETHNIC, WHEN LOVE CRIES, HEAVEN'S JUST A WHISPER AWAY, CRY OF A WAKING HEART, FRIENDS UNKNOWN and LET THERE BE PEACE. Funky/dance gems like FRED ASTAIRE and SAY A LITTLE PRAYER should have been remixed and released as singles.

MISTAKEN IDENTITY's original version is finally available on iTunes. The remastered & expanded edition on CD, containing bonus tracks, has been released in December 2014. Bonus tracks include: WHEN LOVE CRIES (Single Version Remix), WHEN LOVE CRIES (Vocal Club Dub), WORK THAT MAGIC (ISA Extended Remix). Strangely enough, the album's remastered edition - which is also available on LP and iTunes - does not contain the original version of WORK THAT MAGIC. The Capricorn Isa Remix of WORK THAT MAGIC (4:29) is available on the excellent HITS, SINGLES & MORE compilation (Crimson/Driven By The Music, 2015).





Get Ethnic




(Hit it!)
Lying here in the sun just trying to get a tan
Trying to find a look to go with the plan
Everybody's different
Everybody's got their thing
Spinman give me a rhythm... Swing, swing
You don't have to dance alone
Just get on the floor and make yourself at home
Do anything you want to do
It's alright... It's all up to you
It doesn't matter what skin you're in
Come on baby let the groove begin
Get ethnic... All day
Get ethnic... All night

chill and ride the day out
People let me tell you what it's all about
Get ethnic... All day
Get ethnic... All night long
Walk my way! Talk my way!
This is a new direction
We're gonna take it to the street
Spinman throw down a funky beat, ooh sweet
Don't really care where you come from
You may move to a different drum
Jump right in and take your place
We're all part of the human race
It doesn't matter what skin you're in
Come on baby let the groove begin
Get ethnic... All day
Get ethnic... All night...

Like your mama do, and your daddy too
It's an attitude

Everbody's different
And we all have a song to sing
Spinman do your rhythm thing... Swing, swing
Come on come on baby
Smooth me out, smooth me out






Heaven's Just A Whisper Away




Watching raindrops, slowly falling
Painting pictures on the window pane
Feelings my heart cannot explain
Oh the silence, sounds like music
Seems like I can hear a melody
Baby that's what you do to me
One thing I'm sure of
Whether it's wrong or it's right
I only want to be with you, tonight
And if you want me to
Baby ask me to stay
Heaven's just a whisper a way
Feel the magic taking over
Please don't stop before we lose control
Baby just let your feelings go, mmmhh
Soft and tender, like the morning
We get closer than we've ever been
We're almost to the rainbow's end
One thing I'm sure of...
I heard the winds of forever
Calling out my name
It's paradise when I'm with you
I will never be the same
Please don't wake me if I'm dreaming
'Cause this time, this one is coming true
So glad to share my dreams with you
One thing I'm sure of
Whether it's wrong or it's right...






Let There Be Peace




Someone put the communication out the door
Someone decides it's worth fighting for
Why haven't we learned by what we've done before
Don't you know history's keeping score
And just once more
For every boy and every girl
Let there be love all over the world
For everyone under the sun
Let there be peace on earth
Let every voice be heard
Let there be peace on earth
Brother to brother
'Till it's felt around the world
There's only one world in which we all must live
Heaven show us how to forgive
And on that marble wall which holds a million names
Generations of dreams gone down in flames
Isn't, isn't it a shame
For every boy and every girl under the sun
(Let there be peace on earth)
Why don't you try just a little harder
(Let every voice be heard)
(Let there be peace on earth)
Oh, if we could just get it together
('Till it's felt around the world)
We're running out of time
As our leaders roll the dice
The human spirit cries
It's a precious, precious sacrifice