Hi Donna,

I just wanted you to know that I think that your music is a work of art and your voice is the melody that we fans live our lives to.
I hope that you and your family enjoy a happy holiday season.


Dana Powers, USA


Dear Donna

I am very much looking forward to your new album. Your voice has been absent
from the music scene for too long now and the charts sound so hollow without
your songs. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday for end December and Christmas

David Scales, UK


Happy Birthday Donna, go on on your way. Your songs and music helped me become the man that I am, helped me appreciate the life I'm living.
Don't change, keep on dreaming.

Andrea Bologni, Italy



Dear Donna,

I would do anything to meet you. I've been your fan since I was 9 years old. I'm 38 now. I wish you would have a concert in NY, I miss going to your concert. The last one was in Jones Beach 3 years ago after the vh1 special. That was a great concert , I went by myself but I didn't care I was alone, because I was with you there. I felt I was not alone because you were there with me. It felt so special to be at your concert. If God gave me a chance to meet you I would do anything to have the chance to meet you. Donna Summer I love you and hope to hear from you. My # +++-+++-++++, work #+++-+++-++++ please call me.


Janice Collazo, USA


Dear Donna,

   Your countless fans around the globe - of which I am a devoted member and true supporter - will welcome with great joy and musical thrill your next releases on CD. 
   Yours is a stunning and long career, rarely equalled nowadays, for its uniqueness, longevity and superb style.  I am a lover of the voice, be it disco, pop, soul and especially, operatic.  Having studied singing and being an ardent follower of yours (how many times did I not sing along with you McArthur Park, Bad Girls, Sunset People, and many others, too long to list here)!  
   I trust you know what the great Italian Maestro Arturo Toscanini said, I believe, to the young soprano Renata Tebaldi after having told her that her voice was that of an angel: "You have got a voice which one can hear only once in a century".
This has been told too to the great Marian Anderson who has been the first black singer to appear on the Met stage in 1955.
   This of course does not make us feel younger and you are from a much younger generation.  However, I must confess that yours is such a unique voice - there is only one Donna Summer and the Lord has truly blessed you with a superb, one-of-its-kind instrument.  The wide range, from low to top registers, its projection, the flexibility and last but not least, the colour which is only yours, immediately recognizable among thousands of other voices.  This is what makes a voice and builts a legend for all times, past and to come!  There have been other aspiring or so-called Disco Queens, but they had nothing or close to very little, to offer vocally speaking.  
   Perhaps your other European fans do share my opinion that you do not appear enough over here, and we feel a bit victimized by your absence.  I saw you years ago live in Central Park when I was living in NYC, but I dream of seeing you more regularly in Europe where - after all - you have made your official debuts.   
   Lastly, I would beg you to please record classical melodies!  There is an array of excellent US composers (Barber, Bernstein, Porter, etc.) and I am so confident that you would render them full justice and score another smashing hit, thanks to your Gift, musicality, and overall talent. 
   Thank you Donna for being yourself, and for sharing your supreme love for the Lord and singing - one could not live in one's memory without the other -.    
   With all my fondest love and respect.

   Claude-Pascal Perna, Brussels, Belgium


  I hope you and your family will have a very Happy Christmas

& Your birthday / new year will be a great one.

As well  hopefully the new year will bring all your fans the biggest gift of all


Nate Brice, USA / Italy


Hi Donna

Thank you for touching my life with your music. I have been an avid fan since about 1985 - since then I have managed to get all your albums on CD (including Lady Of The Night) and have recently made contact with a fellow hardcore fan in Italy who has maanged
to get me most of your earliest pre-1974 recordings!!!!!

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and not forgetting your birthday,
I hope that is extra special. Can't wait for the new album and I hope you are well & happy.

This is England's most DEDICATED Donna Summer fan signing off!!!!

Love & Hugs

Dave McGrath xxx, UK


Ciao Donna Summer,

my name is Luca, and I'm a guy who just loves your music. I spend hours listening to you and I always do it when my friend Ian is around. One day I'd love to meet you and to sing a song with you. I play the piano, you know.
Bye for now. I wish you a happy birthday and a merry, merry Christmas.

Ciao ciao.

Luca, Italy


All the best to the most beautiful voice that's accompanied my life for the past 20 years.

Sergio Bianchini, Italy


Well Hello Donna,

I dont know if you would remember me but we were neighbors in the sixties and we used to walk to school together and you used to sing and yodel for me as we walked to school, and if you remember I told you you could yodel so good,do you remember that, boy I do hope so, and also I told you when you became a star you had to sign your first record for me, and you told me that you would, Donna do you remember that, by the way my name back then was Linda Little I lived on Hillside St, and you lived on Parker Hill Ave, it seems like yesterday to me, well I just want to wish you a Happy Birthday and I hope you have very Happy Holidays, I do hope I will hear from you, you owe me a signed record lol, but all kidding aside I wish you the very very best, and I do think you would be great as a country singer and bring back some yodeling as there is no one who does that any more and you were great and Im sure you are still great at it, so Donna I do hope to hear from you, till then I will close for now, Happy Holidays to you and yours, bye for now.

Please write soon, God bless always.

Linda Little MacKenzie, USA



Dear Donna,

more than anything, it would seem that your songs and life story have shown us how anything is possible; that anything can be good music - as long as it's sung but you - and that anything can be a good thing, as long as we "never give up hoping".
So we'll be eternally grateful to you, sweet Donna, not only for giving us the most colourful, uplifting and entertaining sound-track to our lives we could ask for, but also for reminding us - time after time - that we can always find a way to CARRY ON.


Sebastiano Lionti, Italy

P.S. Now, isn't ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE the perfect title for your new album or what??? (LOL)


Special thanks to Catherine Hawkins for being true to THE POWER OF ONE and to Sony Music for listening and encouraging. S. L.

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